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Etnia Barcelona Goes Vintage

Etnia Barcelona presents a brand new collection featuring six models of sunglasses and eight models of optical glasses, combining original acetates from the 70’s – recovered from the Mazzucheli factories – and then injected with our own colorful DNA.

Etnia Barcelona’s Vintage collection blends classic styles with the spirit of the brand and always with exquisite attention to every detail. The collection consists of fifteen acetate colors, drawing upon the history of the glasses for the base of the frame. Dark colors such as brown, crystal and honey are combined to imitate tortoise shells - known as “Havana”, “Tortoise” or “Carey”. These dark colors are mixed with the acetates that the Etnia Barcelona design team has created for the inner parts of the frames. A dozen ethnic color schemes created based on stripes, herring bones and horn textures can be glimpsed peeking out from the interior of the frame.

Come on in and see what you think!

#eyecarecenterofboulder #etniabarcelona #eyewear #vintage

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